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Version 2.18

AsigAssist can work on two databases, MySQL and SQL Server.


RCA Electronic

  • RCA (romanian civil liability insurances for car owners) online price qotation
  • Evidence of commissions
  • Payment liabilities to insurance companies, agents and from insurance companies
  • Minutes
  • Finance manager module - payments to insurance companies, commission payment to agents, collecting commission from insurance companies
  • Advanced search of policies
  • Summary sheets

  • 2010-04-04

    Version 2.13

  • Saving data procedure (Service -> Salvare);
  • Restoring data procedure (Service -> Restaurare );
  • Backups management. Delete or copy a data backup (Service -> Management Salvari );
  • New menu. Optional side menu, ideal for wide screens (Configurari -> Aparenta );
  • Home Page - now with tools and gadgets
  • Optional enable or disable Home Page appearance
  • Easily change Home Page background
  • Tools: Calculator, Postal Codes
  • Gadgets: Reminder for expiring policies or scheduled payments, Notes, Google search tool, Currency convertor
    Easily change and operate by user with all gadgets

  • 2008-03-12

    How about this ... Soft Consulting West Team - Oracle Partner

  • obtaining the status of Oracle Partner we have access to support applications development and distribution integrated with Oracle's proprietary products.
  • Oracle is the most used database in the world in the field of business management applications and data storage. Oracle database

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