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AsigAssist - Insurance Software




Version 2.18

AsigAssist can work on two databases, MySQL and SQL Server.


RCA Electronic

  • RCA (romanian civil liability insurances for car owners) online price qotation
  • Evidence of commissions
  • Payment liabilities to insurance companies, agents and from insurance companies
  • Minutes
  • Finance manager module - payments to insurance companies, commission payment to agents, collecting commission from insurance companies
  • Advanced search of policies
  • Summary sheets

  • AsigAssist - software for insurance brokers

    AsigAssist is a working instrument in the insurance brokerage.
    This specialized software application manages information regarding insurance policies, partners, agents and their activities, payment liabilities, payments and incomings, evidence of policies and receipt books


    AsigAssist - a boost in the insurance brokerage

    Within the brokerage activity, a software instrument provides the operator with first-rate possibilities to filter, order and classify data.

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